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Contato The company

The ideal word to name RGJ is INNOVATION. First because it is a new company in export/import business. Then because it implements unique services and solutions to its customers.

RGJ, highlighted by the experienced professionals within the project, has been brought up as an alternative to the ones who wish to integrate to the international market viewing at reducing costs and increasing profits within commercial area.

RGJ seeks partnership with companies which aim to begin their internationalization process but do not own experience within the segment, and also with companies which are used to dealing in the international market but search for faster service which make negotiations easier.

Another factor which makes RGJ a novelty company in its curriculum is the search for assisting people and enabling imports more easily and comfortably to our customers.

These are only some of the reasons RGJ is such an innovative company full of positive results. Make yourself at home to get to know better our services and differentials.


We are going to be efficient in whatever we do, seeking the provision of commercial integration, crossing borders and expanding markets, mainly focusing on best products and services to our customers, worthiness to our suppliers and building solid partnerships in which commercial balance, ethics and transparency prevail.


To excel in national and international markets, ever searching for quality,efficiacy and professionalism in our services, besides seeking partnerships and overcoming our customers’ expectations.


Our main values are as follows:

• Quick service;

• Search for excellence;

• Ethical behavior;

• Innovation;

• Planning;

• Professionalism;

• Environmental Responsibility;

• Teamwork;


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